Undergarment Waterfall Floor Display


Successful execution is key. This case study represents what it means to have the right vendor to make certain than your product launch and sales strategy go according to plan. In this example, product hits the floor, collateral branding, published add campaigns and retail displays are all targeting towards a specified launch date. What happens if the display is not as it should be once it arrives at retail? Your entire product launch goes down. This is what happened with the Undergarment Waterfall Floor Display. Ryan Scott got the call just as displays were being opened at retail. Missing shelves, missing dividers, graphics don’t fit acrylic fronts are missing; only ½ of the displays stated to have shipped have really shipped. This is the worst case scenario for a new product launch with a new retailer.
Within 4 days of the call, Ryan Scott had a full prototype complete and delivered in a quality fashion. Production of all displays was executed within 3 weeks. Production updates and photographs of progress were presented 3 times a week throughout the entire manufacturing process. All displays were drop shipped direct to stores with complete transparency to the retailer within 4 weeks with each individual store manger being personally contact with an expected date of their new display. The brand was able to keep the account and clearly demonstrate that it is a quality brand with the integrity to stand behind their products.