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Sustainability starts at the design table and is our responsibility to our children and ourselves. At RSI, we find creative solutions to fit the right material, process or production path to your program. Sustainability is not exclusive to environmental. At RSI we believe true sustainability satisfies economic and social obligations as well. In the world of customization, we match the design to the target market, budget and retail venue to find the most sustainable economic, environmental and social solution.

So whether you’re after a design constructed of re-purposed and environmentally friendly materials or simply feel better knowing it was designed, produced and distributed with a triple bottom line approach, RSI is the right fit.


Farm To Feet Program


The Farm to Feet brand is more than just an innovative line of socks.  It represents a commitment to keep the men and women of the United States at work.

Aligning with the brand’s core values of a domestic supply chain and sustainability, Ryan Scott, Inc. is proud to play its part in the success of Farm to Feet by creating and producing their first floor display.  This display’s material source originates from a 75 year old local tobacco barn that was deconstructed piece by piece by Ryan and Scott and hand crafted into an authentic retail display. The rough cut lumber and raw metal material pallet emulates the brand identity and connects with the brand’s target consumer.

The Farm to Feet’s 100% American brand identity emphasis is on a local/sustainable supply chain and is supported by reclaiming these local tobacco barns.

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