Merchandising Displays : Keen Try-On Bin


Form, Function…Brand!

This study is all about creating merchandising displays that project the feel and identity of the brand while clearly communicating the key selling features of the product. The Keen Try-On Bin exemplifies these deliverables.

The challenge was to create a compact bin that could be easily used by retail sales representatives to offer consumers socks to try on with shoes. Ryan Scott identified several key “must haves” in order to pull it off. These included the use of Eco friendly materials, clearly communicating the story of the unique Left and Right sock as well as embodying the essence of the brand.

Eco Materials – Keen walks the walk, and the POP Displays must maintain this integrity. Ryan Scott utilized a low VOC, no formaldehyde MDF for the handle and printed the branding logos/copy with water based inks. The “closure” caps on the ends of the tire are cut from recycled metal and the main body of the Try-On bin is a repurposed section of a used tire. These were collected at a local level and Ryan Scott redirected approximately 150 tires from the landfill.

Unique Left and Right foot sock – This key selling feature was critical to communicate. Ryan Scott utilized the eco MDF handle as a divider and separated the Try-On Bin into two compartments. Each of the merchandising displays compartments were clearly marked on the handle and side wall of the tire with the branded L and R. This way the consumer needed to think about the sock they were selecting and which foot it was intended for. This simple concept concisely directed the consumer to understand that the Keen sock is specialized for the shape of the Left and Right foot.

The Essence of the brand – The Keen Try-On bin oozes Keen from every break in the treads. It’s undeniable and immediate recognition as a tire communicates instantly the Recycle and Repurpose mission Keen maintains. Additionally the “L” and “R” icons on the side wall of the tire are surrounded by the distinct triangular shape of the Keen foot ID. This graphic is printed with the global “chasing arrows” recycle symbol to reinforce this way of life.

Ryan Scott worked diligently to align the right materials with the right form and the right function to deliver a memorable in-store experience, a display that supports the brand and delivers the product message…all before you even had the left sock on!

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