End Cap Displays: Peak Shoe Care


Innovation, engineering, and lightning fast execution…

these are a combination of words that inspire the Ryan Scott team. With the Peak Shoe care end cap displays the challenge was to launch a new, premium line of shoe care products within existing K-Mart stores to retro-fit existing store fixturing. Given the long standing presence of Kmart and the wide range of fixtures in the storewide distribution list, Ryan Scott had to come up with a way to engineer a retro-fit kit that would adapt to all possible scenarios that may arise at stores aging 20+ years. Through a direct collaboration with Peak and K-mart, Ryan Scott was able to design, prototype, manufacture and direct ship each Kmart store an end cap retro fit kit that both assembled seamlessly and communicated the premium qualities of the Peak shoe care line. The products and end cap display components arrived at retail as planned and the launch went off without a hitch.

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