Electrolux Ecosential


Gotta make the show!

This case study represents doing whatever it takes to get your new product line and store displays in front of the right people at the right time when it counts most. In this example, Electrolux is presenting a new cleaning products line at a major show. However they are in the middle of moving their corporate office, developing brand imagery and defining the scope of the product line. Once these monumental objectives are met, they finally have enough concrete information to give to a store display company to create and deliver a prototype for the upcoming show. The only challenge is that the show is in 5 days! This is why they called Ryan Scott. Ryan Scott devoted the resources to have a concept flushed out overnight and ready to be reviewed the following day. A collaborative review was executed and changes were integrated into the design to move into prototype production. Within 4 days Ryan Scott had a full scale prototype complete which included fabric banners, laser cut sheet metal, CNC bent tube, printed and heat bent graphics and custom woodwork. Upon a successful quality check, Burton Brevda, founder of Ryan Scott, personally drove the display 3 states away and set it up for our potential client before the show started, clearly demonstrating that when you need displays to go, Ryan Scott are your go to guys. This is the commitment we have and live. It is personified from the top down and this sense of determination and loyalty resonates throughout the Ryan Scott team.

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