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About Us

Ryan Scott is a collaborative group of industrial designers, engineers, graphic artists, production mavens, and tested sales executives with experience navigating through various retail channels. Whether it is a global launch for mass merchants, a start-up program, a sales presentation through creative ideas, or creating the look and feel of your brand, Ryan Scott has the tools and people to make it happen.

Through the vision of the company’s founder, Burton Brevda, Ryan Scott has been getting brands noticed since 1988. He started with the goal of creating an innovative POP display design company and creating the opportunity to work with his two sons, Ryan and Scott. Through this close connection between family and professional colleagues, Ryan Scott has developed a governing set of principles to guide us through the waters of our clients’ brand positioning. These uncompromising principles are Response, Quality and Integrity.

Response. Things happen fast in the consumer market. Ryan Scott knows how critical it is to make the presentation on time, make changes on the fly, and get a prototype in front of your buyer before they know what hit them. We know that to stand out in front, you must stay in front.

Quality. Ryan Scott produces superior display stands designed to complement our clients’ superior products. We take every measure to test, assemble, disassemble, virtual prototype and quality control to make it happen on time and as expected.

Integrity. Ryan Scott’s integrity is by far our core value. Being trustworthy means everything to us. We develop long lasting, trusting relationships with the brands we represent and the team that represents Ryan Scott. Our longevity depends on our integrity.

Ryan Scott ensures that your display stand or presentation will be in the right place at the right time.

Our Philosophy

At our core, RSI believes in design, innovation, response and integrity. We value our people and our customers. We believe in developing long-lasting partnerships in which both parties and individuals reach their goals.

Welcome to Ryan Scott

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